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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping costs

Country  Shipping time Shipping costs
Germany  according to shipping company             EUR 8,00
Europe EU according to shipping company EUR 20,00
Europe without EU          according to shipping company EUR 25,00
World  according to shipping company EUR 30,00


Shipping costs for deliveries over 500 g depend on the weight and country of the recipient. About these costs you
will be informed separately when ordering.

Shipping and delivery

Items for immediate delivery will be handed over to our shipping partner on the same or the following business day.
This will the delivery directly to the address you specify. We do everything we can to ensure that your order reaches
you as quickly as possible. Hammerart is not liable in case of delivery delays. No claim for damages can be be asserted.
If delivered articles show obvious transport damages, the customer shall immediately complain immediately to the
messenger who delivers the items. In this case Hammerart is not responsible for damage to goods and will not to goods
and will not provide any reimbursement for this.

Delivery as partial deliveries

Please note that when ordering large quantities of items, we will prefer delivery as partial shipments will. If it is the deliverable
items, your partial deliveries will be shipped at the same time to the address. If one or more items are not available for
immediate delivery, we will first deliver the deliverable items and assume the delivery guarantee for the remaining articles.
This will not incur any costs for you.

Delivery abroad

We deliver worldwide. Please note that deliveries outside of Germany are subject to a charge and will be paid by the customer.
We will inform you about the shipping costs (outside Germany) in writing, by mail.
Please note that due to customs regulations and different shipping routes, the delivery times can be delivery times can extend.
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Select delivery address

For deliveries we always need a current delivery address. Please always specify this when ordering or registering.